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Founded in 1968, FLAINOX has been operating in the dyeing/finishing plant and machinery construction sector for over 50 years. From the very beginning of its activity the Company has based its development on the principle of a synergetic collaboration with its customers.


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FLAINOX is specialized in the construction of rotary dye machines suitable for all types of garments. Today we present ourselves to the worldwide textile market with the SUSTAINABILITY mission, which involves the whole organization for the construction of more efficient and environmentally friendly machinery. This concept is extended to the complete range of products manufactured and marketed by FLAINOX, including yarn dyeing and special finishing machines for woven and knitted fabrics.


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Always looking for new solution, careful to respect the environment, Flainox and its products are in continuous evolution, thanks to state-of-the-art systems and machinery, both in the field of design and development as well as in the production sector.